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Gear shape Post-it® custom printed notes promote anything related to gears.
Gear it up! Put it into gear! Get it into gear! Changing gears! Shifting gear!
Gear shape custom printed notes are the prefect gear promo.
Gear shape sticky notes are available in 10 to 200 sheets per pad.
Super Sticky note ads
sheets per pad
price per pad
price per pad
price per pad
25 sheets
    1 spot color
    2 spot colors
50 sheets
    1 spot color
    2 spot colors
die-cut from a 4" x 4" pad
    Post-it® Custom Printed notes from 3M are a cost effective way to promote your business.
    Tiger Advertising has printed millions of custom sticky notes and promotional note cubes for clients around the world.
    Take advantage of Tiger's extensive experience in designing and printing promotional sticky notes.
    Post-it® Custom Printed notes are great for car door or windshield advertising, internal office forms, pizza box coupons,
    Post-it® Notes 7664 routing - request forms, medical sticky forms, POP coupons, trade show premiums & sales force giveaways.
    Post-it® Custom Printed notes and cubes can be used to express appreciation to remote workers.

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